Walgreens fires hero for saving lives

Remember the man who stopped a potential hostage situation or massacre at the Michigan Walgreen’s last week? Well, it looks like Walgreen’s has decided that their (apparently unwritten) “no guns” policy is worth more than the lives of their employees and customers, and they have fired him for daring to violate corporate policy by fighting for his life.

The national pharmacy chain fired Hoven on Monday, eight days after he fired his handgun to foil an armed robbery and a potentially deadly hostage situation at the store. […] The two masked gunmen fled after Hoven fired three or four shots from his revolver during the 4:30 a.m. incident May 8, a Sunday.

It appears Walgreen’s may not have an actual policy barring employees from carrying lawfully concealed weapons at work, and Hoven’s attorney is looking into a wrongful termination suit. I hope he has grounds for one, and wins a hefty award.

Many businesses tell their employees that, when faced with an armed criminal, they should “give them what they want” and “the store’s money isn’t worth your life.” But what if “what they want” is your life? And how do you know for sure before it’s too late? Giving them “what they want” is just a bad policy, and training people to do that does nothing more than encourage the criminals.

As for Walgreen’s, they have lost any business I might have brought them in the future.


[Source: The Herald-Palladium online article, retrieved 5/19/11]

(h/t SayUncle)

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