More Walgreen’s thoughts

Apparently, some people have contacted Walgreen’s to voice their displeasure about the firing of the pharmacist who most likely saved the lives of everyone in the store during an attempted armed robbery. Well, Walgreen’s has been sending out a form-letter response. Bottom line?

Compliance is safer than confrontation.

Basically, they have bought the age-old fallacy of “give them what they want and they’ll go away.” As always, it ignores the idea that “what they want” might be your life. Zendo Deb has a nice collection of stories of people who followed the advice that “compliance is safer than confrontation” and found out that what the criminal wanted was their lives.

In this particular case, the criminals were herding everyone into a back room – isolated and hidden from public view. That’s almost always a sign that they don’t intend to leave any living witnesses, or that they want to do something that requires both time and privacy. If they were just planning on robbing the place, they would have grabbed the money from the register or the drugs from the pharmacy area and run – you don’t stick around and take your time for a mere robbery, you get in, grab what you want, and get out fast. They were very probably planning something much more sinister.

There’s something else that makes Walgreen’s corporate response even more frustrating. That store had been robbed before, and when the staff requested that security be increased after that previous robbery, Walgreen’s responded by… doing nothing.

The store was robbed by four neighborhood residents, one carrying a gun, in December 2007.

Afterward, Hoven said, he and other workers complained verbally to managers about the store’s security shortcomings. He said nothing was done.

This lack of response after the first robbery was, in fact, one of the main factors that prompted Mr. Hoven to get his concealed carry permit in the first place.

Remember, compliance does not ensure safety. That is nothing more than wishful thinking. Compliance merely places your well-being firmly in the hands of someone who has just demonstrated that they are willing to use deadly force to get what they want at the expense of others. Someone who has just demonstrated by their actions that they do not care at all about your well-being. Someone who may, in fact, not be rational at all. In that situation, there are no guarantees of safety. Would you rather trust someone who has demonstrated they are untrustworthy, or take responsibility for your safety yourself?


[Source: The Herald-Palladium online article, retrieved 5/21/11]

(h/t SayUncle, Zendo Deb)

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