Quote of the Day – 2011-05-26

Today’s QOTD comes from Borepatch, talking about the failure of Texas’ anti-TSA-molestation bill.

And so I say to everyone once again, the problem isn’t the Democrats, and the solution isn’t the Republicans.  The problem is a permanent Political Class who has contempt for you and me.  Vote them out. [Emphasis mine.]

Truth. Today, we have a permanent political class, with a staggering number of members – like our current President – who have spent their entire working lives employed, directly or indirectly, by g0vernment. Members of this class exist in both major parties.

Our once-great Republic has fallen into the trap of oligarchy, with the ruling class being made up of career politicians. It is possibly even a plutarchy, since entry into the political class (beyond the local level) is heavily restricted by personal wealth (how often does someone with a $20k – $30k a year career get elected to anything above the town/city or county level? It happens, but it’s certainly unusual).

While it is still technically possible for an average person to enter into and succeed in state and national level politics, the complexity of campaign finance laws and the time constraints of effectively campaigning combine to make it realistically impossible. But once someone is in, the high salary combines with the fact that time to campaign is built in to the work schedule (unlike almost any other job in existence) to make staying in office far easier. Because of this, those already in office have a far easier time defending their positions (or changing positions) than those outside the system have of getting in – an advantage that exists separately from and adds to the natural advantages brought by mere name-recognition.

All this adds up to a de facto ruling class, one that is difficult to join without large amounts of personal money. While these politicians are still, for the most part, answerable to the people, in most such cases the people are faced only with a choice between two members of this ruling class – both of whom are primarily interested in upholding the interests of their particular branch of the ruling class, rather than the best interests of those they purportedly represent.

Vote them out. Vote them all out. Vote them all out regularly.

Whenever possible, vote for the new guy. Then vote him out.

Take the ruling class out of power. Keep them out of power.

Restore our Republic.


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