Breakdown of the Guerena SWAT raid

Update: A police audio file of the raid can be found here. It reinforces my belief that they were completely unprepared for actual resistance – coordination and control after the shooting stops seems almost non-existent, and – as Confederate Yankee pointed out in his post – there seems to be no effective follow-up to the botched entry.


Confedarate Yankee has a wonderfully detailed breakdown of the video I posted earlier, showing the SWAT raid that resulted in the killing of US Marine veteran Jose Guerena. He writes from the perspective of an experienced law enforcement officer and entry team member, and gives a good technical overview of how SWAT teams in general are supposed to work, and how that differs from what is shown in the video. It’s a rather lengthy piece, but worth the read. Go check it out.

The Arizona Star has more information on the group of raids that this was a part of. All four were connected to Jose Guerena’s family in one way or another, but there still does not appear to be any direct connection to Jose Guerena personally. It appears that no evidence of any crime was found except in two houses owned by the same couple, who were relatives of Guerena’s by marriage. One interesting part is this:

During a briefing before the warrants were served, records show, detectives told SWAT team members the two Guerena brothers and Celaya were associated with a double homicide related to a home invasion.

While this is technically true, the “association” is that the homicide victims were related to him by marriage. Whether there is evidence of any other “association” with this murder has not been made clear at this time, but a lack of such evidence would certainly fit with the Sheriff’s previous attempts to defame Guerena’s reputation following the shooting.

[Source: Arizona Star article, retrieved 5-31-11]

(h/t Tam)

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