More malfeasance by Sheriff Hunt

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Roanoke City police have released 911 transcripts that indicate Sheriff Hunt had ordered dispatchers not to mention Dep. Agee’s threatening remarks or acts.

Ninety seconds after the first 911 call reporting that a man in a Franklin County sheriff’s K-9 car shot a woman outside the Sheetz convenience store on Orange Avenue in Roanoke, a city dispatcher called the Franklin County Dispatch Center, the transcript shows.

The Franklin County dispatcher hesitated as the Roanoke operator urgently sought information, according to the transcript.

“Do y’all have a K-9 unit that’s in the city?” the Roanoke dispatcher asked.

After a confused back-and-forth, the Franklin County dispatcher finally said, “OK. We are looking for a K-9 unit. … He has made a remark. But see, I, see — What our sheriff is telling us. …”

The city dispatcher interrupted at that point: “Not to mention anything.”

“Not to mention anything,” the Franklin County dispatcher continued. “So that’s why I’m sort of stuck in the middle of this and everything.”

The Franklin Co. dispatcher had to call Hunt to get him to call a Roanoke sergeant. According to the Franklin Co. dispatch log that was released earlier, it was almost half an hour after the shooting before Hunt authorized his dispatcher to release information to other law enforcement agencies.

Hunt’s lawyer claims that the dispatcher misunderstood Hunt’s orders, and categorically denies that he told the dispatcher not to tell other law enforcement agencies what was happening. But, given his other actions, including ordering the dispatcher to not issue a BOL in direct contradiction of normal procedure, I find it entirely believable that he did.

It’s maddening that, while he may lose his position – whether through the recall petition that is currently circulating or simply by losing the election later this year – he will most likely never have to face any other penalty for the unforgivable malfeasance which likely cost a woman her life.


[Source: Roanoke Times article, retrieved 6/4/11]

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