Compliance is safer than confrontation

Except when it isn’t.

[Salt Lake City police Lt. Dave Cracroft] says the robber confronted the clerk, walked him behind the counter, emptied cash drawers and moved the clerk to a back room.

He says that out of camera view, the clerk was shot in the face.

Cracroft says the clerk still managed to call 911 after the gunman fled.

Remember Walgreen’s policy? The reason they fired a man for an act that most likely saved the lives of everyone in the store?

These policies and training programs are endorsed by law enforcement, which strongly advises against confrontation of crime suspects.Compliance is safer than confrontation.

Trusting that someone willing to commit armed robbery won’t kill you if you comply is like a mouse trusting that a cat won’t kill it because the mouse let the cat use it as a toy. The end result depends entirely on the cat’s whims, and the mouse doesn’t know what will happen until it’s too late.

I don’t know if 7-11 has a policy similar to Walgreen’s, Pizza Hut, etc., or not, but it’s pretty likely that they do. This clerk did what he was told and cooperated, and the criminal tried to kill him anyway. He probably thought that he had killed him. Fortunately the clerk survived and was able to call 911, and is listed in stable condition at the hospital.

Fight back. Don’t trust someone whose actions have already shown that they are untrustworthy – it’s very likely to end badly for you.


[Source: Standard-Examiner website, retrieved 6/17/11]

(h/t SayUncle)

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