Guerena’s killers cleared – by their own prosecutor

Update: Linoge has a good post about this. You should check it out.

As I noted I’ve been busy the last couple of days, so I’m a bit behind the news cycle. I just saw this today:

Guerena did not fire a single shot in the incident, but Pima County Chief Criminal Deputy Attorney David Berkman said in the report issued today that the five SWAT team members were justified in using deadly force because the former Marine pointed his weapon at them.

Is anyone surprised that their own investigation, by someone they work with on a regular basis, says they did nothing wrong? The same people who have been running an obvious coverup from the very beginning?

Why was any Pima County prosecutor investigating this? It should have been done by someone outside the area that the team operates in, to avoid any hint of bias. To put it bluntly, this has all the appearance of a sham investigation.

I’m sure I’ll have more later, but I’m not in a position or mood to give a neutral analysis right now.


[Source: ABC News website, retrieved 6/17/11]

(h/t SayUncle)

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