They only want the money

and no witnesses.

Police have reviewed a surveillance video from a pharmacy in a New York City suburb where four people were fatally shot over the weekend, including a 17-year-old girl who was to graduate from high school this week.

[…]The man was armed with a handgun, stole prescription drugs and killed everyone in the shop before fleeing with a black backpack. [emphasis mine]

The police are calling it a “robbery gone wrong”, but it sounds more like he just didn’t want any witnesses. When a robbery “goes wrong” the robber doesn’t usually manage to kill everybody before running – they take a few shots, grab the money, and run, usually panicking because they just killed someone when they never planned to. On the other hand, killing four people with a handgun, in a way that they’re all dead before the police can get there, takes time, thought, and intent. Chances are that he was going to kill whoever was there whether they cooperated or not.

Compliance is not safer than confrontation. What if what the criminal wants is to kill or hurt you? How do you know that before it’s too late?


[Source: AP story at Yahoo! News, retrieved 6/20/11]

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