A Tale of Two Pharmacies

He didn’t just want the money. He wanted to kill.

Remember the pharmacy robbery I mentioned yesterday? Specifically, remember the part where I said:

When a robbery “goes wrong” the robber doesn’t usually manage to kill everybody before running – they take a few shots, grab the money, and run, usually panicking because they just killed someone when they never planned to. On the other hand, killing four people with a handgun, in a way that they’re all dead before the police can get there, takes time, thought, and intent. Chances are that he was going to kill whoever was there whether they cooperated or not.

Well, police have released more information, based on the security videos from the store.

The drug fiend who massacred four people at a pharmacy coldly executed them one by one at close range before filling a backpack with pills and strolling away. [emphasis mine]

Further destroying the lie that “compliance is safer than confrontation” is this statement from Suffolk County Police Commissioner Dormer.

They offered no resistance and did not appear to provoke the assault. They were all shot at close range.”

The store had a policy of cooperating with armed robbers, and the two customers, the pharmacist and his teenage helper were “killed for no apparent reason,” Dormer said. [again, emphasis mine]

They complied, like they were told. Like many, they were told to give the criminal what he wants, so they offered no resistance, and cooperated – and he murdered them anyway. Nobody told them that what the criminal wanted was to kill them all. By the time they found out, it was too late.

Compare that to what happened at the Walgreen’s in Detroit last month.

[Township police Lt. Delmar Lange] said the worker, whose name was not released, saw one of the robbers force another worker from the front of the building toward the rear. That robber then saw the worker in back and started to pursue him.

The worker then fired multiple shots.

The robber tried to fire back, but his gun malfunctioned. The robber and his partner ran out.

Confrontation very probably saved the lives of everyone in that store. Remember, when a criminal tries to get you out of public view, where he can be undisturbed, that’s a sign that he has very bad intentions. It’s a strong sign that you need to FIGHT, because if you do what the anti-rights people tell you and “just cooperate” you’re very likely to not survive the encounter. In Detroit, despite both attackers being armed, when they faced resistance and one attacker’s firearm failed, they bothran away. Remember, most (though not all) violent criminals are actually unwilling to face real resistance, and will usually flee when they realize that they do not have an overwhelming advantage.

Self-defense works. Concealed carry works. As I’ve said before, don’t trust someone whose actions have already shown that they are untrustworthy – it’s very likely to end badly for you.

Carry your gun. It’s a lighter burden than regret.


[Source: New York Daily News article online, retrieved 6/21/11]

Bonus: For the stupidity of the day, from a police statement about the New York murders:

“We believe the suspect is a drug user and should be considered armed and dangerous,” Dormer warned.

Thank you, Captain Obvious. We never would have figured that out on our own if you hadn’t told us.

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  1. Carry your fucking gun! There aren’t many of these monsters running around, but all it takes is one chance meeting to ruin your life.

  1. Carry Your Damn Gun! | Weer'd World

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