Armed employee foils robbery

An armed jewelry store employee in Porsmouth, Virginia foiled an attempted robbery yesterday.

The robber demanded money inside Jems from Jennie in the 5700 block of Churchland Blvd. at 10:24 a.m. Wednesday. He brandished a chrome handgun and forced three female employees into a supply room.

“A male employee was sitting at a desk in the rear of the business when the suspect walked by waving the gun,” a police statement said. “The male employee confronted the suspect with a handgun. The suspect immediately ran from the business.”

Something important to note, here: No shots were fired. That means this is a defensive gun use (DGU) that the anti-rights crowd will pretend never happened. He didn’t start “spraying lead” or “shooting wildly, putting everyone else in danger”, and he didn’t shoot a fleeing opponent in the back, so it doesn’t fit their narrative of how ordinary people can’t be trusted with firearms and are more dangerous to innocent bystanders than to the criminals.

Something else to pay attention to: “He brandished a chrome handgun and forced three female employees into a supply room.”

What did he plan to do to three women that he wanted them out of view where he could be left alone with them? Fortunately, only he knows, and those women never had to find out. As I’ve said before, it’s never a good sign when a criminal starts herding his victims to an isolated place.

This incident shows again that most criminals are cowards. When faced with armed resistance, the robber ran away rather than fight, even though he was also armed. While you can never depend on this, it is more common than most people would think.

Armed self-defense works. Carry your gun!

[Source: article, retrieved 6/22/11]

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  1. Very good point on the anti-rights types ignoring these DGUs. Maybe the Robber was just threatening, maybe he was like the Jerk in New York who wanted to execute everybody first.

    Either way the world is better off now that he saw that offensive violence can be met with defensive violence, and it could very well mean the end of his miserable life.

    Be Warned.

  1. Defensive Gun Use.. « Freedom Is Just Another Word…

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