Quote of the Day – 2011-06-27

Joe Huffman talks about his Army son-in-law having to deal with the TSA.

Today daughter Xenia and her army husband went through TSA on their way to Alaska. One of his checked “bags” (a large plastic “tote”) had the locks broken so TSA could search the contents. He was also singled out for special attention. He opted for the “feel me up” search rather than the “naked body scan”.

The U.S. government trusts him to fight terrorists in the sandbox using some very expensive equipment and with the lives of the men under him and around him but they have to feel him up before he can fly on a commercial flight with his wife and her cat?

I think I know where to find the “bad people”.—Joe [emphasis mine – Jake]

They harass our soldiers – the very people trusted with protecting our national security. They fondle young children, in a way that would be considered sexual abuse in any other situation. They publicly humiliate cancer-stricken, 95-year-old women and soak another cancer survivor in his own urine without apology. They search and harass the pilots who will be flying the planes and can doom the entire flight with nothing more than a single manipulation of the controls. They frequently stage massive surprise raids at bus and train stations, searching travelers without warrants or probable cause.

This “cure” is worse than the disease. Yet the American people continue to meekly bow their heads and say “Yes, sir” to these repeated outrageous abuses and violations of their Rights. And all this despite the fact that TSA has yet to actually stop a single terrorist, repeatedly and frequently fails tests, and has in fact missed more than one real terrorist.

The TSA have become the bad guys, the “jack-booted thugs” we have all been warned about all our lives, while doing nothing to actually ensure our national security. They, along with The War on (Some) Drugs, are the rotten core of the American police state, and they must be stopped before they extend their tendrils any further into our national identity.

Disband the TSA today!


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