I know people hate the media, but that doesn’t excuse a deliberate Rule 2 violation!

So don’t point it at a reporter!

Arizona senator’s handling of her gun draws fire

An Arizona Republic story about Anthem Republican Lori Klein’s carrying of a gun in her purse while at the Legislature said she showed off its laser sighting by pointing it at a reporter interviewing her in the Senate lounge.

According to Klein, the gun has no safety but there was no danger because she didn’t have her hand on the trigger.

I don’t care if your finger “isn’t on the trigger,” you don’t point a gun at someone unless you plan to shoot them! Senator, that was stupid!

And remember, actions have consequences.

Democratic Sen. Steve Gallardo of Phoenix called for an ethics inquiry and said lawmakers should be prohibited from taking guns into the Senate.

Stupidity hurts us more than it hurts the anti-rights crowd. Knock it off!


[Source: AP article on Yahoo! News, retrieved 7/12/11]

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