The debt ceiling debate – Quote of the Day – 2011-07-14

The most concise explanation of the debate over raising the debt ceiling that I have seen so far. From commenter Mike at SayUncle’s.

Obama and the Democrats want to get a new MasterCard to pay the monthly Visa bill – so they can continue to live high on the hog.

The Republicans want to cut down on spending for things like cable TV, fancy dinners, and new cars — use the money thus saved to start paying back the gargantuan Visa charges we’ve accumulated.

I would also add: Obama and the Democrats also want to demand that the boss give them a raise so that they don’t have to put quite as much of the payment for the new 65″ flat screen 3D HDTV on the new MasterCard. But since we have hit the credit limit on the Visa, they can’t pay for that TV  they promised that we don’t want unless they get the MasterCard first. And don’t forget the 3D DVD player that it needs to do what they promised us.

To be fair, though, they are willing to cut down on the fancy dinners.

As Mike concluded:

Now, which option sounds like the responsible thing to do? What’s so hard to understand?

Indeed. What’s so hard to understand?


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