More debt limit perspective

If I were to act like the government, I would get a bunch of credit cards to pay my mortgage, and more credit cards to pay the credit card bills, and other credit cards to pay the new credit card bills, and a new mortgage to pay all those credit card bills, which would put me at the point the .gov is at right now.

What the .gov wants to do now is the equivalent of me deciding how big a raise I want to demand from my boss while figuring out how big a second mortgage I want to get to pay my first (new) mortgage payments and the credit card bills from where I used them after paying them off with the new home-loan to buy the big-screen 3D HDTV, surround sound system, Blue-Ray 3D DVD player, X-box, PS3, laptop computer, desktop computer, netbook, and Android tablet.

Oh, and I’m going to cut back on how often I eat out, because money is tight and I really can’t afford to do that as much anymore.

Sadly, when you translate that scenario to the current .gov situation, most people don’t seem to get it.


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