Double Irony

Harvard fellow hacked millions of papers

There are two ironies here, really.

First, the hacker was studying ethics. That, in itself, has an obvious irony factor.

Second, the network he hacked belongs to MIT.

Think about that. A student of the “soft” sciences* managed to hack into the network of one of the top computing and technology schools in the world – one of the birthplaces of the hacker culture – and they repeatedly failed to stop him.

I know that there are lots of reasons something like this probably wasn’t actually too difficult, but the irony is just stunning.


* Nothing against soft-sciences majors – I know many are still geeks at heart and perfectly capable with computers, and some could put even uber-geeks to shame – but see my note above re: “irony, stunning”.

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  1. He may have been studying the “soft-sciences” but he is not to be labeled a non-member of the hardscience crowd. He helped co-author the RSS spec at 14 and is a co-founder of reddit.

    • Well, that kills the irony just a bit. The things the MSM doesn’t bother to tell you, huh?

      It’s not really an embarrassment for MIT either way, though – it can be near impossible to block remote access to someone who has the kind of direct hardware access he appears to have had.


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