Armed resistance works. Carry your gun!

Weer’d Beard points us to a video illustrating why you should carry your gun, even if you’re just taking care of something out in your yard.

According to the story on,

The homeowner – who only wanted his first name, Danny, used – said he and his brother were checking security around the house prior to a trip out of town. When the two men walked back into the open garage, a man wearing a Ninja mask ran from across the street waving a pistol.
The assailant got into a fight with Danny’s brother, Mike, but then ran away when Danny pulled out his own pistol and fired three shots. Danny said the man returned fire, but only hit the house and a Mercedes Benz parked nearby.

Look at that video. The entire incident, from the time the goblin comes in to view running across the street, until the time he runs out of sight blindly firing behind him, only takes about 12 seconds. He manages to cross the street and get to the garage in less than four seconds (Tueller drill, anyone?).

If this happened to you, would you have time to go back inside and get your gun before the goblin decided to shoot your brother? Would he shoot you in the back if you ran back inside for your gun? CARRY YOUR GUN!

If you called 911, would the police have time to get to you before he killed one or both of you? CARRY YOUR GUN!

Remember, the entire incident took only twelve seconds from start to finish. If this man had done what the anti-rights crowd advocates – “call the police and be a good witness” – there’s a good chance either he or his brother (or both of them) would be dead long before any police managed to get there. That, of course, assumes he would even manage to finish dialing before the goblin decided to shoot him, in which case they may never come at all. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. CARRY YOUR GUN!

Resistance works. Armed resistance works even better. Notice how the goblin continued in the face of the brother’s attempts to fight him? He doesn’t run until he faces armed resistance. CARRY YOUR GUN!

Concealed carry works. Fighting back works. Fighting back with a weapon works better.



[Source: article, retrieved 7/26/11]

(h/t Weer’d Beard)

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