Quote of the Day – 2011-08-08

WizardPC masterfully sums up the whole debt ceiling fiasco. The best part?

Democrats: Republicans are evil, and these cuts are going to kill Granny.

Republicans: These cuts are awesome. We totally won!

Tea Party: Umm…these cuts don’t amount to much more than a rounding errror. $100b a year? And most of the cuts don’t come until like 8 years from now? If those were binding, wouldn’t the current budget be the one Republicans came up with in 2003?

S&P: Yeah, remember how we said you had to be serious about budget cuts? DOWNGRADE

Democrats: This is the Tea Party’s fault!

Tea Party: WHAT!? HOW!? We didn’t get anything we wanted! [facepalm]

The cuts* are a joke. Actually, they’re not a joke – they’re a scam to trick the general population into voting [$PARTY].

* Which aren’t actually cuts in spending. They are simply a promise** to increase spending less than was projected with current growth rates.

** It’s not really a promise, either, because it doesn’t actually bind future sessions of Congress to actually make those so-called cuts. Just for example, say the deal says “The 2013 budget will increase by $299 billion instead of the expected $300 billion.” When Congress creates the 2013 budget next year, they could actually make it $310 billion.  To put it simply, Congress can simply counter this year’s vote on any subject with another vote next year. This holds true for any bill, including budgets.


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  1. Kevin H B

     /  August 8, 2011

    We are hopelessly led by the unknowing towards the unknown. And the One is clueless and blameless….

    • Sadly, I’m really starting to question the application of Hanlon’s Razor to the people in charge. If nothing else, sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice – and sometimes that’s the idea.


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