Fugitive update – Shots fired

UPDATE 1500 hrs – Montgomery County Sheriff Tommy Whitt stated at a 1400 news conference today that DeHart is still on the loose and may have slipped past the manhunt, and may or may not actually be injured. Police will not say whether or not he fired on the deputies as I previously stated, but confirmed that deputies did fire at him.

According to Sheriff Whitt, “We are kind of wondering where he will go next and his motivation is. […] There is a reason he is staying in this area.”

Keep alert.


The “armed and dangerous” fugitive I posted about on Wednesday was spotted in Radford early this morning, and fired at the deputies that responded. Reports are that he was wounded but managed to escape. No deputies were injured.

Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a 911-call from a clerk at the Radford Travel Center on Tyler Road around 1:00 a.m. Friday.  The clerk stated that a man pumping gas matched the description of DeHart.Latest picture of DeHart

Three Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies responded and encountered DeHart; shots were fired.

DeHart fled in the truck, which was recovered a short time later.  A firearm was found inside the vehicle.

No deputies were harmed.  DeHart was wounded in the encounter.

DeHart is considered armed and dangerous.


Residents near the Belmont area, Tyler Road to Rock Road area, and the area surrounding the Radford Travel Center are encouraged to stay inside and keep their doors and vehicles locked.

That was around 0100 hrs. I suspect there may have been another sighting, or some other confirmation of his location, around 0730 this morning, since several police cars went screaming past my house in that general direction around that time.

More information here and here.

DeHart, 48, is a white male with gray hair and blue eyes.  He is 5’11” tall and was last seen wearing blueish-gray shirt, and blue jeans. […] If anyone sees Dehart or anything suspicious, call 911.

Hokies and Highlanders, stay alert, pay attention, and (if you can) CARRY YOUR DAMNED GUN! This man is already looking at attempted capital murder, and he’s now wounded and desperate. I seriously doubt he’ll hesitate at plain vanilla murder if he thinks someone has recognized him.



[Source: WSLS News website, retrieved 8/12/11]

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