Fugitive Update – Stolen car

Latest information from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is that Dehart has stolen another car.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to an call from an alarm company at 9:42 p.m., advising of a residential alarm on Wintergreen Rd. in the Bethel community of Montgomery County.

Deputies were on the scene within 30 seconds of receiving the alarm, where they found that a car had been backed through the closed door of a detached garage.

The 2003 silver-gray Toyota Avalon has Virginia tag is KFG8682. It may have rear end damage.

DeHart is believed to be driving the car.

No information about the possible direction of travel is available at this time.

Fortunately, no one was at home, but apparently the owners left the keys in the ignition. Not really negligent in this case, because the car was in the garage – an area most people would consider reasonably secure, and which was also inside their alarm perimeter.

He got lucky. Notice where the report says deputies were on scene within 30 seconds of receiving the alarm. That’s incredibly fast, especially when you realize just how big this county really is – 389 square miles. I have no idea how many miles of roads there are. That’s a lot of area for any department to cover, even if they are getting help from other agencies.

A couple of police cars just went past my house running code, but that could be for something else. Routine events – including everyday crimes – don’t stop just because of one fugitive.

And I’ll remind everyone again: CARRY YOUR GUN, AND PAY ATTENTION!

[Source: WSLS News article, retrieved 8/12/11]

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