Portraits and names of Seals released – Is this normal?

The Pentagon has publicly released the names of those killed in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan last weekend.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the names of SEALs killed in action – especially those in DEVGRU, a.k.a. SEAL Team 6 – normally not associated with the SEAL team, in order to protect the families from retaliation, and to protect operational security? Again, I could be completely wrong – I’m not really familiar with how this kind of thing is normally doen – but it just seems to be unusual.

With allegations that Vice-President Biden’s comments may have already compromised security in a way that resulted in their deaths simply by confirming that it was DEVGRU that conducted the Bin-Laden raid, I have to wonder at this, which would seem to be a much more massive security breach. After all, with a name and a picture, someone can start digging to see who they associated with and when, and start to build a picture of who else – people who are still living – may be part of the same team.

Does this administration have no respect for operational security, and the safety of our soldiers and their families? It seems not.


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