Fugitive – Captured!

Edward DeHart, Jr. has been captured.

A Deputy in the Riner area noticed the car, and ran the tags to find the vehicle had been stolen. He followed the vehicle to Christiansburg, and on to Interstate 81. The high-speed chase reached speeds of 120 mph before they got off the Interstate at exit 118C. DeHart lost control of the stolen vehicle, and slammed into a guardrail. […] The Sheriff tells us Dehart went into custody “peacefully”.

Remember in my last post I mentioned the police cars running by my house? That’s about the same time they say he was captured, and they were going the right direction to be joining in the chase. Fortunately, his reckless run did not end up with any innocents dead.

He passed less than a mile from my house, and was captured less than five miles from my home. That becomes more chilling when you see this:

Police did discover that DeHart was carrying a .38-Caliber handgun. [emphasis mine]

So he was still armed, and definitely dangerous. While he didn’t resist police after he wrecked the car, it’s disturbing to wonder how things might have played out had he not wrecked but still been cornered somehow. He has a history of burglary and theft, and if desperate enough he might not have been picky about whether someone was home or not.

This is one reason I am never far from a loaded and ready gun, even when I’m at home. Preparedness saves lives.


[Source: WSLS News article, retrieved 8/13/11]

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