Quote of the Day #2 – 2011-08-29

From Robb Allen:

If I’m considered safe to have a firearm right here, 3” to my left isn’t going to make a difference. Neither is 3’, 3km, or 3 astronomical units. Where I am has nothing to do with my ability or desire to cause mayhem.

I wish that more people could understand that one simple truth. Where a person is has nothing to do with their desire to harm others or their willingness to obey the law. If I am “safe” at the grocery store or walking down the street, then I am just as safe at the post office, or on campus, or in an airport, or anywhere else. I don’t become a ravening murderer just because I cross some line that only exists on a map. I’m either “safe” or I’m not, and I’m the same person no matter where I happen to be standing at the time.


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