The Party of Stupid

[Notice: I normally try to keep my posts family friendly. This is not one of them. Also, this is a bit of a rant – coherence may suffer accordingly. You have been warned.]

It looks like we really are going to have to choose between the Marxist Party and the God Squad this time.

The Minnesota congresswoman and presidential candidate [Michele Bachmann] told an audience gathered at a Shriner’s temple in Sarasota, Fla., Sunday that God was trying to communicate a message about fiscal responsibility via the two recent natural disasters. From the St. Petersburg Times:

I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?’ Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we’ve got to rein in the spending.


For some, Bachmann’s comment this weekend immediately brought to mind televangelist Pat Robertson, who infamously claimed Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for legalized abortion.

Between this and both Bachmann and Rick Perry signing a pledge to push a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage, it looks like the religious right is taking over the Republican campaign yet again. So listen, you sanctimonious, self-righteous fucks: This exact same religio-fascist shit is why I voted Democrat in 2004 – the one and ONLY time I have EVER done so. This time, that’s not even an option, but I will vote third party if this is my choice – even if it means voting for someone who has absolutely no chance of even coming close to winning, and thus taking a vote away from someone who will get that Marxist agent Nobama out of office. At this point, there is not a single, viable Republican candidate I would even consider voting for (unless you consider Ron Paul to be viable – I personally don’t think he is). Hell, I’ll write myself in before I vote for either of these two fucks. I will not choose between the meddling preacher and the Marxist again, and my vote is the one that hastens the almost inevitable national collapse, then so be it. When it happens I’ll get with as many like-minded people as I can and make my best effort at ensuring that some form of Libertopia manages to rise from at least one corner of the ashes, even if I don’t live to see it.

If Bachmann and Perry are our best hopes of unseating Obama, then we are well and truly fucked.


[Source: Yahoo! News blog The Ticket, retrieved 2011-08-29]

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  1. Secesh

     /  August 29, 2011

    I would suggest that if the only option you see is to vote for a 3rd party candidate that you stay home on election day, it will have the same effect and the lines will be shorter for the rest of us holding our noses and voting for the lesser of two evils.
    I’ve voted for 3rd party candidates and found that I only impressed myself, the ones I didn’t vote for never knew they lost a vote.
    It’s an exercise in futility.

    • It’s seriously tempting. But there are still the House and Senate elections (which are arguably more important), and the state and local elections, too. So staying home isn’t really an option.

      Maybe sanity will prevail, and neither one of these two religious statists will win the nomination. And I’d like to be king of all Londinium and wear a shiny hat, but that’s not going to happen either.

  2. tarko

     /  September 17, 2011

    Marxist! man what a silly use of that term. The Republicans have slowly but surely been garnering the ignorant vote for decades, nothing new there. The problem is that the number of obese ignorant morons is on the rise. The Republican party has passed the point of no return. It would be great to have a group of honest patriots willing to govern America but with Citizens United I think what we see now is as good as it”s going to get. The reality is that no matter how much you don’t like Obama, the alternative will make the Bush years look good. Wall Street and big oil have brain fucked America into a laughing stock and created an electorate of white trash morons that think that their God is going to sort things out. Boy did our dynasty peter out fast. PS :Call Obama what you will but he’s anything but Marxist.

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