A little clarification

on yesterday’s post about the current Republican front-runners, now that I have calmed down somewhat.

This incident, by itself, is not my main issue with Bachmann. It was merely the final straw that crystallized my anger towards the whole “my religion’s rules must apply to everyone else” crowd that seems to have infected the Republican Party. The supposed “joke” (which I’m not convinced was entirely joking, if it was really meant as a joke at all) was in such poor taste and/or judgement, that it’s ridiculous. Even if you accept that it was meant as a joke, she’s already taking flak for pledging to push a Constitutional amendment on marriage, and to appoint only “faithful constitutionalists” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) as judges, that it truly does bring back memories of Pat Robertson’s infamously inflammatory and bigoted comments (which is one reason for my own rage – it brought those comments, and the whole anti-gay campaign, sharply to my own mind). It was a stupid thing to say, even as a joke, and I can almost guarantee you that it will be effectively used against her if she wins the nomination.

The biggest problem, though, is that many people will, like me, see this “joke” as one more hint into her future actions. Her attitude, her history, and her pledges, all point to someone who will see her religious beliefs as legitimately overriding the Constitution’s limit on federal powers – and someone who sees a religious duty to impose the taboos of her religion on all of us, for our own good. I have a similar impression of Perry, and I’ve seen nothing to contradict that.

I see no difference between that and the Marxist crap we’re dealing with now, except for which aspect of our lives they want to control. Remember, all government carries with it the threat of deadly force. If you resist compliance hard enough, eventually, they will kill you for it. Let’s keep it out of our personal lives.


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