The Four Rules

Break one, and somebody gets hurt.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department says two employees were injured when a gun they were working on accidentally discharged.


Sheriff John Gruzinskas said one of the deputies was supposed to qualify with his gun this morning, so last night he was cleaning it, when a spring broke.

The two were working on the gun– a .45-caliber glock semi-automatic, when the gun accidentally fired. It hit one deputy in the hand, and hit the other in the hand and the hip. They were both rushed to Wheeling Hospital.

No, it wasn’t accidental, it was negligent. There were at least two Rule violations, possibly three. The deputy holding the gun was pointing it at something he didn’t want to destroy – his hand and his coworker – in a clear Rule 2 violation. He failed to treat it as one would treat a loaded weapon, a clear Rule 1 violation. The article didn’t say which spring broke or what effect that could have, and Glocks require that you pull the trigger for disassembly, so there may or may not have been a Rule 3 violation.

There are only four rules, and they’re very simple. Learn them, and live them! There is absolutely no excuse for violating even one of them, much less two or more. Fortunately, no one was killed this time, but it sounds like it came close.

Also note that these were “Only Ones”. The same people the anti-Rights cultists would have you believe are somehow immune to these kind of incidents because of some unspecified magical property of their badges. It seems to have failed in this case.


[Source: article, retrieved 9/1/11]


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  1. “a spring broke”?
    I’ve heard some odd ways to describe the Glock trigger, but that’s a new one.


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