Who needs a gun

at a youth football game?

Roanoke, VA- A Roanoke man had to be taken to the hospital after being stabbed while at a youth football practice!

[…]Witnesses say Turner told Weeks not to use inappropriate language at practice.

They say that’s when Weeks stabbed Turner and ran off.

The antis will tell you that there’s no reason to carry a gun at these events, and that doing so only puts children in danger, despite the severe lack of people getting shot by legally carrying gun owners at youth sporting events. Many will go so far as to call exposing children to the mere presence of a firearm child abuse.

The weapon, or the person?

Click to embiggenate.

And while working to restrict the rights of peaceable, law-abiding citizens, they continue to ignore the people behind the actual acts of violence.

Enlightening, isn’t it?

The anti-rights activists are so caught up in their deodand religion that they are almost incapable of looking beyond the object to the person controlling it. A weapon, no matter how dangerous, is merely an object. It cannot do anything on its own without some person manipulating it.

Or, maybe we just need some common sense knife control.


[Source: WSET.com website article, retrieved 9/8/11]

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