Micro-Blogmeet: Walls of the City

If you’ve been reading Walls of the City recently, you may know that Linoge and his Better Half have been traveling through my neck of the woods. Well, their plans had them actually stopping in My Town for the night, so we met up for dinner today. It was just a short get together, to let them get rested up for the rest of their trip home, but it was fun.

I already figured he was a good guy, and my experience today confirmed that. I enjoyed the time together, and I hope they did as well. Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Thanks for having us! It is always good to put faces to monikers, and we definitely enjoyed the hospitality. If anything ever brings you down to Eastern TN, you can definitely count on some reciprocation :).

  1. yesterday, at sharkey’s | walls of the city
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