Who needs a gun on a college campus?

Maybe people at Lynchburg College?

Lynchburg, VA – Lynchburg College security officials say a female student was allegedly attacked last night on the Lynchburg College campus near McWane parking lot.

According to a campus wide e-mail sent out just after 12:30 a.m. Saturday, the student got out of her car, and a male suspect approached her from behind, attempting to drag her toward the woods.


It is unknown at this time if the attack is related to a previous attack on Lynchburg College’s campus Aug. 29.

It seems like she managed to get away from him and so he ran off, but it’s seriously bad news when an attacker tries to drag a victim into the woods. He probably intended to rape her, and very likely would have killed her when he was done.

Like most colleges in Virginia, Lynchburg college bars students (and likely faculty and staff) from possessing weapons of any sort on campus. This policy includes firearms, and could be interpreted as applying even to pocket knives. This makes every person on campus an easy target in the eyes of criminals. We know from history that disarming students does not protect them. We know that gun-free victim disarmament zones don’t work. We know that self defense does work. We know that disarming students with concealed handgun permits leaves them vulnerable.

We need to end the bans on campus carry. These bans to nothing to make students safe, and instead give criminals places where they know they don’t need to worry about their victims being armed. Why are we protecting the criminals?


[Source: WSET.com article, retrieved 9/10/11]

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