Quote of the day – 2011-09-11

Yes, I know that’s yesterday’s date. I didn’t post it yesterday, because yesterday was a day for remembering those who were murdered ten years ago, and for honoring those who gave their lives trying to save as many as they could. A day to firm our resolve that it will never happen again, and to remind ourselves that we must work to reclaim the freedoms we lost in a panicked and futile bid for an illusory “security.”

It was a day in which I gave these people the greatest remembrance an honor I could: I got on an ambulance and worked to help others.

It was not a day for politics, or for the particular anger that inspired this quote.

You see, the service at the site of the very tragedy it purported to memorialize had a very glaring omission – NYC mayor Bloomberg and his staff decided that there wasn’t “enough room” for firefighters. The very people who knowingly risked their lives that day to help others – and in hundreds of cases lost those lives. To this insult, which fills me with rage every time I contemplate it, I can only respond by quoting blogger Kathy Shaidle:

343 of them managed to fit into the exact same space 10 years ago…

To be more specific, three hundred and forty-three firefighters, 37 Port Authority police officers, 23 NYPD officers and three court officers.

You’re a bastard, Bloomberg. Every surviving responder who was there on that horrible day deserved to be there yesterday more than you did. They deserved to be there more than Obama, or Giuliani, or Bush, or any of your other high-profile VIPs and their retinues who might have been there. Until you had at an absolute minimum, one representative of every single station and shift that responded that day, you should have told those VIPs – yes, even Obama himself – to go pound sand.

So go sodomize yourself with a rusty chainsaw, Bloomberg.


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