Quote of the Day – 2011-09-21

From Weer’d Beard in a comment at SayUncle, in response to a New Yorker’s assertion that criminals routinely buy guns at gun shows and smuggle them to New York.

Even if it was true (and the ATF trace data shows it isn’t) If criminals are constantly migrating south to buy guns and return them to Marxist Cities, its rather telling that they appear to be on their best behavior down south, and suddenly turn murderous once they are in the victim disarmament zone.

Sorry guys, but even if it were TRUE it makes you look HORRIBLE.

[Emphasis mine.]

That is rather striking, isn’t it? The career criminals don’t make trouble until they get to the states where they know their victims are most likely to be disarmed. Go figure.


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  1. And in the end all the ATF trace data shows that 90% of the guns trace to FFLs inside the state, and as for the remaining traces the “time-to-crime” interval is over 10 years. I’ve only lived in Massachusetts for 8. I know lots of people who have moved here from out-of-state and brought guns with them. If those guns get stolen the ATF trace will link them with other states, even tho they were stolen from residents who legally owned them.

    Furthermore I have long-guns that were bought out-of-state, and I have no idea how the BATFE traces my 03FFL buys.

    Occam’s razor simply says that criminals chose to do other things in states where they run a risk of being shot.

  2. Lessee… increased job security by a disarmed victim pool, and increased life security by a disarmed victim pool.

    Yeah, I can see why firearms used by criminals might migrate to states that have no respect for non-criminals’ rights…


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