The 53 percent

Found here.

My submission:

  • In high school I worked at Scout Camp, in a hardware store, and in a comic book store.
  • When my dad was laid off in the 80’s, the money my parents had set aside to put me through college was instead used to keep us fed and a roof over our heads. I went into debt to pay for college.
  • During college, I worked part-time at various jobs; selling cell phones, doing shoe and leather repair, other retail jobs, and then working for an ambulance service.
  • After 3 years where I performed poorly, I quit college to deal with personal issues.
  • I have worked full-time ever since, as an EMT, an EMS dispatcher, phone tech support, a used-car salesman (I was too honest to be any good at that one), and now as a paralegal.
  • I am currently paying my own way through college for an associates degree. No grants or loans, one class at a time as I can afford it, while still working full time.
  • At the same time, I am still paying back my original school loans.
  • I own my own home. I bought within my current means, and chose a home with a mortgage that is actually less per month than I could get an apartment for.
  • I drive a 17 year old car that I own outright, with 220,000 miles on the original engine, and by taking care of it I will probably have it for another 2 or 3 years.


  • I make just over $25k a year. After taxes, I take home about $1,500 a month.
  • Out of that $1500, $600 goes towards my mortgage and another $500-$600 goes towards utilities, my school loans, and other bills. I have, on average, a total of $350 a month left for food, gas, and other expenses. That works out to about $11 a day.
  • I am single, I live alone, and I work full-time. That means any home maintenance, including cleaning, has to be done either after work or on weekends. If I cook, I am the only one there to clean it up. If I cook when I get home, it’s too dark to do outside house work. If I do the work first, it may be 9:00 before I get to eat. Somehow, I manage to balance this, even when the weather forces me to do the outside housework during the week, but I eat a lot more fast food than I should.
  • My computer is 4 years old, and is only that new because my previous computer stopped working and I had to have a computer for my classes.


  • I don’t whine about how I deserve more. I don’t expect anyone to jump in and just give me anything.
  • I work for my money, and I pay my taxes. I volunteer 8 hours a week minimum as an EMT.

I am the 53%

(h/t Weird and Pissed Off)

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