*You* may believe that money isn’t worth a life

But try telling the criminals that.

The anti-Rights crowd tells you that compliance is safer than resistance, but what do you do when they just start shooting? They tell you to give them what they want, but what if they don’t give you the chance?

You fight back. It works.

But what’s surprising is the store clerk (he’s over on the right side of the screen). As he ducks around the corner, he takes shots at the alleged crook, who quickly scrambles back across the counter.

Police say that man is Harold Robertson, and they quickly caught up with him a few blocks away. He was hit twice in the arm and the employee was hurt, too. Both are expected to recover.

One crook injured, one still on the loose, and two store employees who are shaken, one is also injured, but both are alive. That’s a good outcome.

The story doesn’t mention it, but it’s clear on the video – these scum started firing as soon as they spotted the employees. They opened fire without provocation, without warning, and without giving the employees time to react or to comply with any demands they might have made. Had the clerk not grabbed his own gun (and my only critique is that he should have had it on him if possible, not under the counter – he almost couldn’t get to it, and that may be the point when he actually got wounded) would these goblins have simply run off once they had the money, or would they have decided to finish off the witnesses?

Only the crooks themselves know the answer to that question.

Fighting back works. It doesn’t guarantee a perfect outcome, or even that you will survive, but it gives you a better chance than if you don’t even have the option to fight. Remember that, and CARRY YOUR GUN!


[Source: WFAA.com website, retrieved 10/12/11]

(h/t Gun Free Zone)

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