Oh, joy.

Occupy Wall Street Someplace A Shower Whatever is coming to my town. TWICE.

Occupy protests assembling in Roanoke, Blacksburg

Occupy Virginia Tech, one of several local economic protest groups formed recently, said students, staff and faculty will leave classes and jobs at 4:30p.m. today for a rally in front of the university’s War Memorial Chapel.

In a statement released Tuesday, Occupy Virginia Tech called the university part of “an education industry that replicates the irresponsible, unaccountable, and unethical practices of Wall Street.”

“[Virginia Tech] President [Charles] Steger makes $457,000 a year, while campus workers are paid poverty wages, and students graduate with outrageous amounts of student debt, in a hostile economic climate, with few job opportunities. Virginia Tech is a money making machine, and students are paying the price,” the statement said.


Occupy Blacksburg is holding a rally and march at 2 p.m. Saturday on the town’s College Avenue near The Cellar Restaurant.

“Some ‘Occupy’ protests have followed the lead of the Wall Street action and have camped out for an extended period in public areas. While supporting those actions, the Blacksburg event is designed to involve those who might not be able to commit to an ‘occupation,'” a news release from the group said.

Right next to/in front of my favourite restaurant, and right in the middle of my usual lunch hour, too.



[Source: Roanoke Times article, retrieved 10/13/11]

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