Mmmmm, venison.

Dad bagged a couple of deer a year or two ago, and my parents were kind enough to give me some of the bits. The bulk of what I got was ground venison (my choice), but I also got a couple of steaks and a couple of tenderloins, too. I had been saving those for when I got a grill so I could do them right, but I still haven’t actually gotten around to buying one yet. I was starting to worry about freezer burn, so last night I took the steaks out of the freezer to thaw, and this is tonight’s dinner.


Unfortunately, I overcooked them a bit (I used the oven, and judged it wrong), but they’re still good eatin’!

I actually got to them just in time – they were starting to show a little freezer burn on one end – so I took the unburned ends for tonight (that’s half of each steak in the picture), and the the other ends have been cut up for an experiment in my slow cooker that I’ll be starting tonight. I’ll take pictures of that, too, and post the results tomorrow.


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