The American Gestapo is here.

TSA conducting random vehicle searches in Tennessee.

Via Oleg Volk. More commentary later, when I’m not trying to post from my phone.


Update: Maybe not today,though. I’m still letting this percolate in my head as I try to figure out what I want to commit to pixels.

(h/t SayUncle)

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  1. !!!!!!!!!

    Asking truckers to report anything “suspicious,” I can live with; they’re out there all the time and they know when something’s out of place. It’s within the realm of good citizenship. RANDOM SEARCHES on our highways? I think not. If it’s bad enough for random searches, then it’s bad enough to close BOTH borders. Middle Eastern terrorists are happily doing business with the Mexican drug cartels, and easily shipping heroin through Canada.

    God forbid the Fed’s piss off our neighbors by implying they *might* be harboring naughty people who don’t like us, but sure, go ahead and treat U.S. citizens like terrorists. I suspect our federal government is on the verge of discovering just how out of touch it really is with the American people. I hope to God that lesson doesn’t involve violence, but I’m less optimistic about it than I was a few years ago.

    • Unfortunately, I can see how this will progress. Next will be random “checkpoints” just like the current DUI checkpoints. Then they’ll start searching anyone stopped for any traffic offense. After that, they’ll start doing random traffic stops for the express purpose of searching people. Finally (if it gets that far before everything goes kablooey), there will be set checkpoints, probably at state borders on every interstate, and then they’ll either close state borders at all other roads, or have checkpoints at major state road crossings and close the minor roads.

      This is the foot in the door, following the toe they put in at the train stations after we opened it at the airports.


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