The results of a scientific experiment are valid…

When another independent scientist can replicate the results of your experiment. If those results cannot be replicated, then your experimental results are not valid. Additionally, your experiment must actually measure the mechanism you are claiming to test.

Apparently, Al Gore and (surprisingly) Bill Nye “the Science Guy” don’t seem to understand this, and had to resort to wholesale fabrication of experimental results to create a video supporting their claims. Anthony Watts at the blog Watt’s up with That? shows and explains, in a blog post with a series of experiments well documented on video, both how the experiment shown in Gore’s video (which he also critiques at the second link) would not show the mechanism he claims it illustrates, and how it could not have shown the results Gore claims.

I’m not going to analyze the results. You should go read and view the whole thing yourself. What I want to comment on is how Mr. Watts shows us how science really works.

First, he explains his theory and the reasoning behind the theory of why Gore’s experiment would not illustrate the mechanism it claims to illustrate. He then shows us, with video documentation, a rough but simple experiment the results of which support his theory and falsify Gore’s stated explanation.

Next, he duplicates (to the best of his ability given the lack of specific documentation available) Gore’s experiment, posting documentation of the equipment, methods, and apparatus he uses, and supported with unedited video documentation of the actual experiment and the results. Results which not only do not match the results of Gore’s experiment (as he predicted, and which also support his earlier theory about why Gore’s experiment wouldn’t do what Gore claimed), but actually show an opposite result. He runs the experiment more than once, adjusting one variable (time) from Gore’s experiment that he’s not sure about. He then runs the experiment and his earlier variations using different sensing equipment. He posts all of his methods and data for public examination and analysis. He explains his conclusions and his reasoning behind those conclusions.

Gore’s video is staged propaganda, claiming to be science while falsifying the results.

The post at Watt’s up with That? is science.


(h/t A Conservative Shemale)

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  1. It is damned disappointing that Nye went along with this farcical charade… I rather expected better of him.

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