It’s just money, is it really worth a life?

Like I keep saying, the criminals have already made that decision.

ROANOKE, VA — Roanoke City Police are searching for two men in connection with a convenience store robbery that took place Thursday afternoon, October 20th.

Officers say a clerk at the One Stop Market in the 2200 block of Williamson Road said the robbers walked in around 1:45 p.m., attacked him, stole items, and ran out. [emphasis mine]

They never even gave him a chance to cooperate – they just assaulted him from the beginning.

But at least the security camera got a picture, right?

Yeah. That’s really useful, isn’t it?. Unfortunately, the clerk didn’t get a very good look, either.

The only unique features the clerk could tell police about the robbers, was that one was about six feet tall, and weighed between 250-300 pounds.  The second was about 5 ft. 11in., 195 lbs., and wore red and white shoes.

If you have any information, call Roanoke City Police at (540) 853-5959.

At a guess, I’d say they came in looking and acting like regular customers right up until they were close enough to attack, and that the initial attack was enough to disable the clerk so he couldn’t fight back effectively, especially against two attackers. Fortunately, they didn’t decide to kill him, and their attack didn’t kill him unintentionally, either (remember, sometimes it only takes one punch).

Whether you think money or merchandise is worth a life is irrelevant – the criminal has already made that decision, and you cannot know what he decided until it’s too late. The only question you should be asking is whether it will be your life or his.

And remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. They can’t stop a crime if they’re not there when it happens. CARRY YOUR GUN!


[Sources: WSLS article, retrieved 10-21-11]

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