Breaking News: An odd and developing situation

In Roanoke, Virginia.

From the WDBJ7 website:

The Roanoke Police Department is monitoring a situation on Wyoming Avenue.

The department’s spokesperson, Aisha Johnson, says there was a report of a man outside of that property with a firearm, and that he has since gone inside his home.

Johnson also says there is no information at this time that he has threatened anyone. […]

The SWAT team is on site.

and from the Roanoke Times:

Updated 4:30 p.m.

Roanoke police were called to Wyoming Avenue this afternoon after a man was spotted with a gun outside a house, spokeswoman Aisha Johnson said.

When officers arrived, he went back into the house, she said.

The police department’s new SWAT vehicle is now parked in front of a house on Wyoming with its blue lights flashing, and police are using the vehicle’s loudspeaker to communicate with someone inside the house, including providing a phone number for the person to call.

“You gotta call the number or come out with your hands up,” an officer said over the loudspeaker.

If all he did was step outside carrying a firearm, and then go back inside when the police showed up, then he doesn’t appear to have broken any laws. If that’s the case, then this would appear to be a massive overreaction on the part of the police.

It sounds to me like the police have some information they’re not releasing. If not, then the only call the gentleman should be making is to an attorney, because there is no cause for the police to hold him under siege, and no reason to bring out the SWAT toys.

In this case, I trust the police more than the media (and I believe the proper term for that statement is “damning with faint praise”). It will be interesting to see what the real story turns out to be. Is it “SWAT out of control”, or “media idiocy”?


Update: From WDBJ7.

UPDATED 4:48 p.m.: One person has been taken out of the house.

Police are still on scene trying to get another person to come out of the house.

[Source: WDBJ7 News website, retrieved 11/16/11]
[Source: Roanoke Times website, retrieved 11/16/11]

(Note: Most of the category tags for this post are speculative. I don’t know what’s really going on at this point, and the people who do aren’t talking right now.)

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