On shaving

Update: For those interested in getting into wetshaving, or just curious, there’s a series of good videos here. They’re worth the time!

A little off topic, but I just ordered some shaving soap, which got me thinking about it.

I am what is known as a “wet shaver“, which means I use real soap and water when I shave, instead of the canned foam or gel goop that most people use these days. Done right, and with the right supplies, you can get a better and more pleasant shave than with the more “modern” canned stuff and “system” razors, and you can do it for a lower cost, too.

My tools of choice are an antique Gillette safety razor (~$10 at a local antique shop), Derby blades (~$15 for 200 double-edged blades), an Omega shaving brush, and Col. Conk’s World Famous Glycerine Shave Soap (Lime scented) ($5 for one, or ~$13 for 3) in an old Burma Shave mug that was a gift from a girlfriend, with a small terra-cotta type bowl I got at the dollar store for building the lather. Occasionally, when I have time, I break out a straight razor – either the Dovo Classic (in black) or the Wapienica – and get a shave so good I wonder why I bother with anything else.

But today I ordered more shave soap, which brings me back to the point of this post – I simply cannot recommend Col. Conk products enough. They have a good selection of quality products for a reasonable price, whether it’s soap, brushes, accessories, or anything else. They even carry a couple of Col. Conk branded Dovo straight razors.

There are, of course, other brands that are just as good for the same price, or occasionally even better, but I haven’t seen any other one company with the same variety and consistently good reviews. They’re worth checking out, especially if you’re into or looking into wet shaving or straight razor shaving.

Also worth checking out are ClassicShaving.com (a retail site that does run toward the higher-end products), WetShaving.net (an informational site), and Straight Razor Place (with forums, blogs, a wiki, and other generally user-driven resources).


[Obligatory FTC disclaimer: I paid my own hard earned cash for all the above-named products, and for any related ones that aren’t named here, except for the Burma-Shave branded mug which – as I stated – was a personal gift from a (now ex-) girlfriend, so you can just kiss my hairy backside.]

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  1. I use a newish Merkur safety razor and Personna blades. I second your opinion of Col. Conk. Nothing like getting an excellent shave for pennies a day.

    • Agreed. I ended up with Derby blades because that was the best price/quantity for a decent quality blade Amazon had at the time, but I’ve been satisfied ever since. Every once in a while I get one that feels a little rough, like it didn’t get polished/stropped properly, but out of a box of 200 and for that price the number isn’t really that high.

  2. I don’t care for Conk’s soap. I use everyday bar soap in my cup.

    I like to hit my wife’s greenie friends with my shaving utensils. I’m using the same razor I’ve had for the last ten years and not using any pressurized gas to get my lather. They’re all using disposable somethings.

    • Rule 1: If it works for you, then it’s good. šŸ™‚

      The greenie baiting is quite enjoyable, isn’t it?

  3. Not to toot my own horn (too much) but I have some videos on youtube that might help those reading this post get into traditional shaving: http://www.youtube.com/shavetutor

    • Toot away! I had actually found your videos a couple of years ago and enjoyed them, but had forgotten them. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Jake, you have good taste in lather. I use Col. Conk’s myself along with a an old 1920’s Solengen straight razor.


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