Reminder – Operation Campus Safety at Virginia Tech Today

Just a reminder, VCDL‘s Operation Campus Safety is at Virginia Tech today.

We have approval for the protest from 8 AM to 4 PM on Thursday, November 17th.  While some of us will be there early, the main protest will start at 11:30 AM and run until 4 PM.  Speakers will start at 12 Noon and continue until 1:30 PM.


The protest will be held in front of the Squires Student Center (College Ave./Otey Street side), not far from the town of Blacksburg or the VT Drillfield.

I’m going to try to show up during my lunch, if I can, for at least a little bit. Unfortunately, my remaining vacation time for the year is already allocated, and my lunch time is limited.

Campus Carry bans do nothing more than create Victim Disarmament Zones, and they must no longer be tolerated. VCDL deserves all the support we can give them in this endeavor. (They also need a new website design that better reflects their current activities, but that’s another issue.)

And remember, when a university or college asks for money, tell them:  NO GUNS?  NO FUNDS!


[Source: VCDL email alert from 10/26/11]

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