Use a holster!

Simply carrying in your waistband is stupidly dangerous. A man is dead, and a family fatherless, because of an easily avoidable negligent discharge.

SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, VA (WTVR) – Officials have released new information about a Virginia father who accidentally shot and killed himself at a grocery store Sunday evening in Spotsylvania County.

The father, a 45-year-old Spotsylvania man, was in his minivan with his children waiting for his wife to return a DVD to the Redbox outside the Giant Food Store in Harrison Crossing when he was shot, said Captain Elizabeth Scott with the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said Wednesday that the gun the victim was carrying was not housed in a holster. They think it was simply tucked into the waistband of the man’s pants.

The victim’s wife said she believes that when her husband went to adjust the gun, which had likely shifted and become uncomfortable, accidentally discharged.

[Emphasis mine]

Holsters have two main purposes – to hold the gun securely, and to protect the trigger against accidental manipulation. A simple holster – even a cheap one – could have prevented this tragedy.

Carry your gun, and USE A HOLSTER!


[Source: article, retrieved 11/17/11]

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