Who gets involved in a shooting in a parking lot?

So it seems there was a shooting early Sunday morning in Roanoke.

Three men suffered gunshot wounds Sunday in an apparent early morning downtown parking lot scuffle, according to Roanoke police.

No arrests have been made, and the incident is under investigation.

Police converged on the first block of Salem Avenue about 3:15 a.m. after an officer in the area heard multiple shots fired, according to a news release. Officers located physical evidence of the shootings but no victims at the scene.

I’m going to steal a trick from Sean Sorrentino for a moment (and add him to the blog roll – I’m not sure how I missed that), and take a look at the people involved in this story, and what the newspapers aren’t telling you. Unlike Sean, though, I will use their names, because I want you to be able to verify the information I present from what I post here, and unlike the system Sean uses in North Carolina, Virginia’s Courts Information System isn’t set up to allow direct linking to a person’s record.

To verify everything here, go to the Virginia Courts Information System, select “Case Status and Information” and “Circuit Courts” from the menus on the left, select “Roanoke City” from the drop down menu, and enter the names in the form field last name first.

Victim 1 – Dominque Antonio Garrison, 27: Mr. Garrison has a full page by himself. He has a history going back to 1999 (when he would have been 15!), with convictions for attempted robbery, domestic assault, violating a protective order, cocaine possession, and malicious wounding. Now, it is possible that some of these are by another person with the same name, but I think it’s highly unlikely since the middle name matches as well, and a random sampling shows the same day and month of birth for cases from ’99 and 2010.

Victim 2 – Andre Clay Edwards, 28: Mr. Clay has a history going back to 2003, with convictions for cocaine possession, cocaine distribution, and felony eluding police. There’s also a nolle pros’d charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm, which hints at a previous felony history outside Roanoke City.

Victim 3 – Darrius Domonik Arrington, 18: Mr. Arrington does not show up in either Roanoke City or Roanoke County. This means that either he has a clean record so far, or that any history he has was in the juvenile court. Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court records are not publicly available, so I will assume he has no criminal history (yet – current events do not bode well for his future in that respect).

Notice the common thread in this grouping? It would not be a stretch to suggest that this “scuffle” probably had something to do with the purchase of unlicensed pharmaceuticals.

Involvement in illegal drugs, or involvement with people who are involved with illegal drugs, is not conducive to a safe and healthy life.


[Source: Roanoke Times article, retrieved 11/28/11]

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