Good wine for a Good Cause – Jarhead Red

I was browsing through my grocery store the other day when I ran across this in the wine section.

Click to embiggenate

(Sorry about the picture quality. It was taken with my phone’s camera in my kitchen, which has horrible fluorescent lighting.)

It’s called “Jarhead Red“, and in case the logo isn’t discernible in the picture, it’s a gold-leaf embossed image of the Iwo Jima flag raising. The name caught my attention first, then the logo. Then I looked at the back label.

Jarhead Red is a wine on a mission to support the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. True to its name, Jarhead Red boasts a robust character with rich black fruit flavors and a finish that doesn’t quit.

After reading that, I had to buy it. Try a new wine and support the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation at the same time? No hesitation. Into the basket it went.

I had a glass with dinner that night, and again last night. I generally prefer white wines to red, but I can enjoy a good red, too (especially a good merlot, for some reason). True to the description, there’s just a hint of fruit flavour with a very robust finish. I’m not a wine connoisseur, but it compares well to other reds that I like.

You probably can’t tell from the picture, but it’s a very dark red wine, with good clarity, and a maybe a hint of purple or maroon to the colour. The aroma again compares well to the reds that I enjoy, though it is perhaps a little more subtle and understated than most. Overall, I found it enjoyable, and probably would have liked it even more if I had paired it with a dinner that matched it better – something a little peppery or spicy, I think (you know, like it suggests on the label) – instead of the Swedish meatballs or turkey and ham that I had.

But how do they support the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation? The bottle doesn’t say. I had to go to their website’s FAQ page to find out, but what I read makes it even better.

We donate the net proceeds (i.e. what’s left after we recover costs for farming, grapes, winemaking, labor, materials, shipping, and, of course, Federal and State taxes) of all wine sales to USMC-based charities, primarily the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. The net proceeds can vary on where the wine is purchased (typically, the further from the winery, the higher the costs). At a base minimum, we donate $12 per wholesale case sold, and $24 per retail case when purchased directly from the winery. We also encourage our wholesale distributors to participate in supporting our mission.
[Emphasis mine – Jake]

I expected something like “One dollar is donated for every bottle sold,” or something like that. But no, it’s even better. All proceeds from the sale of this wine are donated to USMC-based charities. In other words, they make no personal profit off this wine, it’s made entirely for charity.

Semper fi, indeed. I plan to see if I can also find their white wine, Jarhead Chard. If I can, I will buy some. You should too.

Good wine for a good cause. Spread the word.


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