Quote of the Day – 2011-12-04

From Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame, speaking to the Congressional Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee on May 11, 2011.

Millions of parents and kids see apprenticeships, and really valuable on the job training opportunities, as vocational consolation prizes, best suited for those not cut out for a four year degree. But still, we talk about creating millions of “shovel ready” jobs, for a society that doesn’t really encourage people to pick up a shovel. In a hundred different ways, I think we’ve slowly marginalized an entire category of critical professions, reshaping our expectations of a good job into something that no longer looks like work. A few years from now, an hour with a good plumber – if you can find one – is going to cost more than an hour with a good psychiatrist. At which point we’ll probably all be in need of both. [emphasis mine – Jake]

Here’s the video.

You should watch the whole thing. He makes some very excellent points about how we have divorced our society from actual skilled labour, how that may be affecting the economic recovery, and how that may affect our society in  the future.

And somehow, he even manages to make a Congressional hearing entertaining. Talk about skilled labour!


(h/t TFS Magnum)

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  1. If Mike Rowe would run for president, I’d vote for him. In a heartbeat.

    • Agreed. He seems to be grounded in the real world, and he sounds worlds better than anyone else that’s running right now, that’s for sure. If nothing else, despite being “Hollywood” he at least has an idea what the average “working class” person does and has to deal with.


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