***Breaking*** Shooting at Virginia Tech

UPDATE @ 1446: I’m now out from work and engaged in activities that give me privileged information, so I can no longer give current updates. I’ll post more when I can but it will be much later.

UPDATE @ 1355: Hearing multiple reports of shots fired in multiple locations. If what I heard during the April 16 shootings is any indication, there will be lots of false reports for a while.

No indication that the suspect has been caught yet. There are some reports that one has surrendered but I haven’t heard anything on the scanner.

VT is reporting that the officer and a second victim that was shot near the Duck Pond are both dead (Found at HuffPo).

My office is closing down and we are leaving. I’ll be off the air for a while. More here.

UPDATE @ 1315: Tweet from Virginia Tech News.

A police officer has been shot. A potential second victim is reported at the Cage lot. Stay indoors. Secure in place.



Reports of a shooting at Virginia Tech. Scanner traffic is that a police officer was shot. Possibly the suspect is down at this time, but there are mixed reports that sound like there may be a second suspect.

This is a developing situation. Reports are confused and conflicting at this time. More as I can post.


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  1. You’re our boots on the ground. I’ll be interested to hear the details you can find.

    Be safe out there!

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