Defensive Gun Use – What did the intruder have in mind?

Sarah over at Cranky Chicks with Guns tells us about a successful DGU by her sister, in her sister’s new home, where Sarah is currently living.

Rather than give a summary here, I want you to go there and read the whole thing. Then come back and read the rest of my post here.

Go on, I’ll wait.

Done? I want to point out a couple of things.

First, I want you to recall this part.

So, the bad guy’s head was at the bottom of the doorway because he was standing on the ground. When he saw Cee, they stared at each other for what she said felt like forever. It wasn’t too hard to see the dude because, even though the back-porch light wasn’t on, there was a kitchen light shining partly into the hallway.

Then he resumed trying to open the door and climb into the trailer.
[Emphasis mine.]

He knew someone was there, and he knew that she saw him. He could reasonably assume that other people were there from when he had knocked on the door earlier (more on that later). Yet he still tried to get in, even once he knew he had been seen.

What do you think he might have been planning to do once he got inside?

Next, let’s look at this point.

Around nine the night before last, somebody knocked on the front door. Matt and I both answered because I noticed that my brother didn’t have his handgun on him. He was tired and just not thinking. […] Note here that the guy who knocked on the door never saw my handgun.

The dude told a b.s. story about needing the phone number for the person in charge of renting out the lots in this park. Matt got rid of the guy pretty quickly because that’s crap. If you’re a decent person in need of information, you don’t knock on strangers’ doors at night. You collect your info during daylight hours or find it for yourself.

This wasn’t a random break-in attempt. He had scouted the home the night before.

Now, if someone is home at 2100hrs (9pm for those who don’t speak military time) then it’s not a great leap of logic to assume that someone will probably be at home at 0130. So he knew someone would probably be at home before he even tried to break in. Not only that, but he knew there would probably be a male someone at home, because that was who had answered the door the night before.

What do you think he might have been planning to do once he got inside?

My third point notes this.

The Deputy took 10-15 minutes to get here.

Ten to fifteen minutes, for an attempted break-in where shots were fired. How much do you want to bet that the bad guy had a good idea of how long it might take help to arrive? What could he have done to them in ten or fifteen minutes if they had managed to call 911? How long would it have been before a deputy came by on his routine patrol if they hadn’t? What could he have done to three sleeping people in that amount of time?

Would a deputy on patrol even have noticed anything was wrong if he had not been caught while he was still trying to get in?

What do you think he might have been planning to do once he got inside?

This event could have ended very, very badly, but for a combination of luck, level-headedness, and the fact that civilian ownership of a firearm is legal.

Luck: Her sleep schedule had been jumbled, so she was still awake to hear his attempts to get in. Her husband Matt was (from what I gather) exhausted from working to get the home ready and from dealing with her recent illness. Her sister (Sarah) was knocked out on Benadryl due to her allergies. Neither was likely to be awakened by his apparently quiet forced entry, and Sarah actually slept through the gunshot.

Level-headedness: Matt made sure his gun was nearby when he went to sleep, and Cee had the good sense to go back and grab it when she realized someone was trying to break in. She had the good sense to do this before trying to wake anyone else up or call 911. Had she tried to wake someone up first, he might have been inside and on her before she succeeded (see my point about Luck, above). Had she stood there and called 911, he might have been inside and on top of her before anyone answered, and the police would have a nice audio recording of… well, I’m not going to say, but I’m sure you can guess.

Legal civilian ownership of a firearm: He didn’t stop trying to break in until she fired at him, even though he knew she had seen him. If the anti-Rights advocates had their way, there would have been no guns in the home, and Cee’s only option would have been to call 911 and wait the 10-15 minutes it would have taken for a deputy to arrive. This would have had the same result that I inferred in the previous paragraph.

This was about as clean a defensive shooting as you can get. Had she hit him and killed him right there, it would have been fully justified.

Self-defense is a natural right. Self-defense works.


(h/t Weer’d Beard)

[Source: Cranky Chicks with Guns]

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