Quote of the Day – 2012-01-04

By Jay G., in a comment at Weer’d Beard’s.

I’ll state right now, for the record, that if Romney gets the nod, I will do two things:

1. I will vote for Barack Obama in November 2012. I will do this because the idiots in Congress will reflexively block anything Obama puts up – but they’ll rubberstamp anything RINO Romney puts out. See Act, Patriot.

Emphasis mine.

I can’t really add anything to this, except to say that if anyone thinks Romney’s nominations for the Supreme Court would be any better than Obama’s, they’re either ignorant or delusional. Obamacare is based on Romneycare. Romney signed a permanent “assault weapons” ban into Massachusetts law, and, while he has backed away from gun control in his campaign, he has previously openly stated that he would do so again and on a national level if given the opportunity. He supported the Brady Bill and the original federal ban on “assault weapons”.

I could not in any way vote for Romney. Period. Like Jay, I would hold my nose and vote for Obama (and probably throw up afterward) before I would vote for Romney, and for the same reasons. Fortunately, it looks like there may be an alternative to that highly unpalatable option, which I plan to post about later.


Update: Weer’d’s reply to Jay is quote-worthy as well.

I’m with you as well. If the “Republican Party” is Scott Brown, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum, then I’m not a Republican.

Let ‘em see us walk!

Again, emphasis mine. It’s starting to look like the only way we may get decent candidates is by walking away. Maybe the Republican Party will get the hint and we can go back, or maybe we’ll be able to boost up a third party, but as Tam has said, if we keep voting for the syphilitic camel just because he’s not the other guy, then all we’re ever going to be offered will be syphilitic camels.

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  1. Count me in, though I do plan on going Third Party should any interesting names arise on that part of the ballot… Personally, I am wondering if Gary Johnson would be a suitable candidate with whom to express my displeasure to the Republican party…

    • That’s who I was thinking of. I plan to work up a post looking at his positions soon – which will, not so incidentally, give me a chance to take a closer review of those positions myself. But barring any major discoveries, what I’ve seen so far is promising.

  2. Paul is a good one to fall back on. He may have a few odd principles, but he has principles. I’m definitely voting anti-party.

    • I really, really wanted to like him, and had planned on voting for him if he actually got the nomination, but then I learned about his views on the 14th Amendment, and specifically about this bill he introduced in 2009. It would have removed the ability of the federal courts to apply the religion clause of the 1st Amendment to the states, and would have legislatively abolished any right to privacy. The bill was also specifically targeted against gays, and would have made homosexuality a felony again in several states.

      So it looks like Gary Johnson for me.


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