Cop or Soldier?

You decide.

How did I do?

I’m going to put in a break here so I don’t give away any spoilers, but I do have a couple of comments.

First, I want you to notice this one.

According to the quiz, that’s a cop. Take a closer look – is that a friggen’ rocket launcher strapped down next to him? WTF does a cop need a ruttin’ rocket launcher for?

There are clues as you go along. This should link to my results, if you want to follow along.

  1. The headset is really the big giveaway. That style doesn’t seem likely to be military. Cop.
  2. Look at the colour of that helicopter. I don’t think there’s any military that uses that particular shade of green, especially in what looks like a metal flake paint. Cop.
  3. The one closest to the camera is carrying what looks like a rocket launcher of some sort. Soldier.
  4. This one’s a “gimme” for anyone who’s been paying attention – it’s a picture of the Jose Guerena murder. Murderers.Cops.
  5. Pretty similar to #2, but this time the colour of the bird is right, and the people on the side are properly seated instead of standing on the skids. Soldier.
  6. Matching uniforms, proper gear, and, in the background, you can see the points on the caps. Marines (Soldiers).
  7. I missed this one, basing my choice on the black vest with plain OD green fatigues and lack of helmet, and called him a cop. Turns out he’s a soldier.
  8. I called them cops based on the vehicles and the plain fatigues with different helmet covers. They’re actually soldiers (probably not American).
  9. Another “gimme”. You can see the sheriff’s star on his shoulder patch. Cop.
  10. The wall makes it kind of easy, and even though they’re wearing woodland camo vests with plain desert fatigues, they do match each other. Soldier.
  11. Another one I missed. I went with soldier, but the plain black helmet on the second guy should have been a clue. Cop.
  12. This is the one I pointed out above. There’s a friggen’ rocket launcher next to him, so of course I said soldier. It’s a bloody cop with that hardware.
  13. The black helmet confused me, but the camo’ed rifle pushed me in the right direction. Soldier.
  14. Look at those caps. Those are Marines.
  15. I went with cops based on the mismatched uniforms. They’re actually soldiers.
  16. Black helmets and vests with plain OD green fatigues, the radios, and just the general look of the whole outfit were the clue here (they’re at least uniform, though). Cops.
  17. You can the the badge on the guy putting on makeup. Cops.
  18. That looks like Army ACU pattern, the way they’re lined up looks like military, and the look on that guy’s face is definitely more military than cop. Soldier.
  19. The uniforms are pretty military and uniform, but there are still a couple of black helmets there. But the black APC is a dead giveaway. Cops.
  20. They blurred them out, but you can still tell that the nametags were embroidered in gold thread. Add that to the black vests and helmets, mismatched balaclavas, and the exposed bright white zip-tie cuffs, and it’s obvious they’re cops.
  21. Hard to tell, until you realize there aren’t any big guns on that APC. Cop.

Other than the cop with the rocket launcher (seriously, a cop with a friggin’ rocket launcher? WTF?) the most disturbing part was how hard you had to look at most of those photos to tell the cops from the soldiers. The militarization of our police is almost completed, it seems.


(h/t McThag)

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  1. Everyone’s spotted the AT-4 but nobody’s spotted the Mk 19 grenade launcher over his left shoulder.


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