Just FYI,

Gout #$@$ing SUCKS.


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  1. Ouch man. Hope it turns out all right.

    • Thanks. I’m sure it will… eventually. Right now I’m on day three of this, and it’s just worn me down. What really sucks is that a) ibuprofen is supposed to be really good an managing the symptoms, but right now I have a grand total of $7 to last until payday on Monday, and I have to buy cat litter and possibly some gas before then, and b) you’re supposed to limit intake of red meat (among other things) and right now all I have is a bunch of venison and 2 cans of spam.

      Timing is everything.

  2. Tim

     /  January 28, 2012

    I’m 35 and I’ve had several major gout attacks.

    Drink lots of water. They say the uric acid and the things that break down into it aren’t water soluble. But it helps if your system is filtering your blood at peak efficiency. Peeing a lot certainly can’t hurt.

    Ibuprofen has never helped me significantly. Neither has changing my diet.

    Keep your extremities, especially feet and knees, warm while you sleep. And if you’re having an attack, do NOT get up in the morning and just start walking around. While your extremities are below body temperature is when you’re doing the most damage to your joints. Move gingerly and go soak in a hot bath for several minutes before going about the rest of your day.

    If at all possible, do not keep walking on it when it hurts, or mornings after it has hurt. You’re only damaging the joint further.

    After a number of attacks in my feet over the years, I had a serious attack in my right knee.
    My doctor gave me a 5-day steroid pack that relieved my symptoms almost immediately. She then put me on Allopurinol, an enzyme inhibitor that helps prevent attacks. I haven’t had a serous attack since.

    • Thanks for the tips! I am trying to limit walking as much as possible, and the first thing I do in the mornings is hop in the (hot) shower. Sadly, a bath isn’t practical while getting ready for work. I have found that a hot shower before bed seems to help reduce it enough for me get to sleep a little easier, and makes the 2am blitzkrieg a little easier to bear. I’ll try a bath instead, and see if that works any better.

      I’m pretty sure this attack (my second) was diet induced. Having a shortage of money and a surplus of frozen venison (that I need to use up soon to avoid freezer-burn), I was eating red meat a lot more frequently than normal right up until this started.


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