You know what?

Update: Some good news. It wasn’t a debit/credit card charge at all. It looks like it was one of those online check payments to someone’s store credit card, so the most likely explanation is that they simply transposed or mistyped digits in their checking account number when making the payment. I’ve disputed the charge, they’ll do their investigation, and I should have my money back in about ten days. I have enough set aside to last that long at least, and I won’t have to deal with having a new card issued.



Forget what I said Monday about artificially inflicted gout being inhuman and banning it. It should be the first of many tortures inflicted on all $DIETY-damned, goat sucking, cat-box licking, pig fellating, chou ma niao drinking, da xiang bao zha shi de la du zi, fei fei de pi yan, gu yang, he chu sheng za jiao de zang huo, calegla, saurrauko, undulauvhuan, engwa mor delothrim, taHvlp Heghta’, quv lonta’ qabqu’boghghachmey


The punishment for credit card fraud should start with gout, involve 10,000 papercuts, a vat of lemon juice, and an electrical current somewhere in the middle, and end with slow, piecemeal immolation.

It hasn’t even been a year, and some turd munching bastard has done it again. I’m going to be a little busy this morning, dammit.


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